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Founded in 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rearview mirrors and other optical products. In addition to wide-angle and double-wide-angle rearview mirrors, Modern Auto Products also manufactures colored multi-layered vacuum plating, acrylic and PC lenses, optical lenses, sun visors, and magnifying lenses.

Security Mirror, Safety Mirror in Taiwan

Modern Auto Products Corporation is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the security mirror , safety mirror mirrors. We provide a variety of security mirror , safety mirror mirrors, all with competitive price. Also, we have an expert team of engineers both in Taiwan and overseas and a world-class supply chain ensuring prompt delivery of quality products.
For over 30 years, we've offered the trusted security mirror , safety mirror mirrors to fit our customer's requirement. In order to ensure efficient and timely completion of your custom security mirror , safety mirror mirrors, Modern Auto Products Corporation's Production Control department constantly optimizes our work flow to expedite orders ahead of schedule.


Indoor Rectangle Security Mirror (38.7x26cm)

Fits against the wall for shop security

Size: 15-1/4"x10-1/4" (38.7x26cm)
Acrylic Convex mirror
Black housing
L-shaped mounting bracket

Packing:1pc/box, 10pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:15.6/17.6(kgs), Cuft:4.9'


Indoor Rectangle Security Mirror (26.7x20.6cm )

Fits against the wall at hospitals, office, supermarkets or store

Size:10-1/2"x8-1/8" (26.7x20.6cm)
PMMA shatterproof convex mirror
Black texture housing
L-shaped wall mounting bracket

Packing:1pc/box, 10pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:12.6/14.6(kgs), Cuft:4.1'


45cm (17.7") Circular Security Mirror

Easy to mount on the wall of garage, parking garage, grocers and retail stores.

Diameter: 45cm (17.7")
Shatterproof Convex Clear Mirror R:700
Adjustable Fixing Bracket

Packing: 5pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:9.5/12(kgs), Cuft:3.4'


28cm (11") Circular Safety Mirror

Manufacturer of Indoor Security Mirror
Applicable place: office, garage, corner shops, elevator, newsstands


32cm (12.6") Full Dome Mirror

Manufacturer of Indoor Safety Full Dome Mirror.

Diameter: Ø32cm (12.6")
Safety Acrylic Convex Mirror, R:150
ABS white backboard
Wall mount swivel bracket

6pcs/ctn, N.W./G.W.:6.2/7.7KGS, CUFT:5.2'

JM5004 / JM5005 / JM5006

Outdoor Traffic Road Mirrors (60cm, 80cm, 100cm)

Shatterproof Round Convex Mirror fits on road corner and parking lot for safety


Half-dome Mirror (220x115mm )

Indoor Mirror install on the wall of the office, shop and hospital to eliminate blind spot


Half-dome Mirror (320x170mm )

Indoor Mirror, fits on the corner for supermarket, hospital, garage etc.

• Size : 320mm x170mm
• Acrylic convex mirror R150
• ABS black back with rubber frame
• Wall mounting kits

8pcs/ctn, N.W./G.W.:7.3/8.8KGS, CUFT:4’


Oval Mirror (350x250mm)

Interior Corner Oval Mirror placed against wall in the office aisle, garage and warehouse.

Modern Auto Products Corporation has provided more than security mirror, safety mirror mirrors, helping our customers fulfil their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. We implement stringent quality checks to be assured of the endurance and compatibility of our security mirror, safety mirror. We endeavor to produce our wide array of products with adherence to set international quality parameters.
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