Product Line

Lens Product


Clean Room
Class 100,000
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
with 15ΩM pure water
Automatic Vacuum Coating Machines
  • Horizontal Rotating Trays with Planetary Running
  • Electron Beam Gun Evaporation
  • Resistive Heating
  • Plasma Assisted Deposition
  • Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition (IAD)
  • Optical and Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor
  • Effective Dameter of Vacuum Chamber:ψ1300mm
  • Vacuum Pressure:1×10-6 torr
Optical Film Coating Products
Anti reflective (AR) Coating
Highly reflective mirror, convex mirror, concave mirror
Silver mirror glass coating, First surface mirror, Second surface mirror (Aluminum, chrome)
Dielectric Mirror
Edge Filter, Neutral Density Filter
Gradient mirroring coating, Flash mirror lens coating
Customized Products
  • Square: 400mm x 500mm
  • Round: 360mm
  • Material: Acrylic, PC, Glass
3D CNC Cutting Machine
shape the mirror lenses in accordance with customers drawing