Modern Auto Products Corporation

Founded in 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer in multiple areas. We provide vertically integrated rearview mirror products and customized optical coating services. Our mirror products include the rearview mirror for heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and racing boats. In addition, we also provide indoor corner and outdoor road mirrors. Currently, we have four automatic coating production lines, providing various customized manufacturing processes, from optics design to production facilities. The services include anti-reflection and high reflection coating on pannels, water-repellent film, hydrophilic film, metal coating, ITO film, Revo coating, and filter glass.

Blind Spot Mirror

Modern Auto Products Corporation is a trustworthy supplier in blind spot mirror. We have been specializing in manufacturing blind spot mirror for many years, all with top quality. Our business is based on integrity and character and will be built through relationships and extraordinary customer service. We are dedicated to developing co-workers who are committed to one another and to our customers. Let us assist with your requirement and question of blind spot mirror for car or blind spot rear view mirror.


8 inch Offset-mount ball-stud mirror

Blind spot mirror fixes on cars, vans, cargo trucks and forklift trucks, allowing the driver to see into the larger areas of the traffic.


8 inch Smooth stainless back Center-mount mirror

Blind spot convex mirror applies for various vehicles like buses, vans and delivery trucks to reduce blind spot area.


5", 6", 7", 8", Center-mounting Universal round convex mirror

Fixing convex round mirrors to assist drivers to increase the visual field and pay attention to traffic conditions.


Universal Wide Angle Mirrors

Wide view blind spot mirrors used to improve driver’s visibility applies for trucks, cargo trucks, van and forklift.


DIY Replacement Mirror Glass lens

Shatter-proof AC/PC mirror lens and Glass mirror lens with Tint-blue color for replacing and repairing the vehicle side view mirror.

ODM / OEM Accepted

Our company provides blind spot mirror with high quality and competitive price. As a professional blind spot mirror manufacturer, Modern Auto Products Corporation has an excellent advantage over the competition, developing strong designs at very competitive prices but maintaining extremely high quality. For more customized demands that can’t be found in our standard product lines, we also can offer a solution to combine your specific requirements into our new design standard products. We appreciate your interest, feedback, and suggestion. If you have any questions about blind spot mirror for car or blind spot rear view mirror, please leave your message and contact information on our website.