Modern Auto Products Corporation

Founded in 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer in multiple areas. We provide various styles of mirrors and rearview mirrors as well as customized optical coating services. Our mirror products include the rearview mirrors for heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and racing boats. In addition, we also provide indoor corner and outdoor road mirrors. Currently, we have four automatic coating production lines, providing various customized manufacturing processes, from optics design to production facilities. The services include anti-reflection and high reflection coating on pannels, water-repellent film, hydrophilic film, metal coating, ITO film, Revo coating, and filter glass.

New Product

In-mold injected PCPL Lens

Vacuum Coating process in line with ROHS requirements for Sunglasses lens


Kerb Mirror

Truck body parts of observation mirror
Magnum replacement parts


Bus Look Down Mirror

Interior rear-view mirror fixed above the windshield for the driver to see the rear of the bus and mounted over the passenger door for checking before heading onto the road.


Oval Mirror (35x25cm)

Interior Corner Oval Mirror placed against wall in the office aisle, garage and warehouse.


Universal truck hood mirror, Multi-angle adjustable mirror arm

We manufacture the mirrors by standard process so to ensure the mirrors quality and on-time delivery.

Replacement truck hood mirrors mounted on the hood of either the driver or passenger side improve driving safety and is available for different brands of American trucks.

In-mold injected TRPL Lens

Vacuum Coating process in line with ROHS requirements for Sunglasses lens


Anti - Epidemic Face Shield

To cope with the current severe epidemic issues, Coloreye's optical department collaborate developed an anti-spray product - Angle adjustable mask with material suppliers.
This innovative product not only combines lightweight but also takes care of the clarity of vision.


Chrome Fuel Filler Locking Gas Door

We are the manufacturer of off-road auto mirrors, and also develop and provide replacement spare parts.
Fuel filler gas cap door is made for Jeep Wrangler series after 2007.