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Universal Type Blind Spot Mirror
Glass mirror, Shatterproof mirror


Round Convex Mirrors, 5", 6", 7", 8"

Convex circular mirror applies for bus, cars and vans to pay attention to passenger status or road conditions
Various size to choose to fit your demand.
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• Rib back mirror head, Center mount ball-stud
• Mirror head lens: Glass mirror, Shatterproof mirror
• Housing: Stainless, Black

# JM4007-S / JM4007-B
Size:5", Convex R:450, Clear

Packing:1pc/box, 40pcs/1ctn,N.W./G.W.:13.2/14.8(kgs), Cuft:2.4'


# JM4008-S / JM4008-B
Size:6", Convex R:450, Clear

Packing:1pc/box, 30pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:9/10(kgs), Cuft:2.6'


# JM4009-S / JM4009-B
Size:7", Convex R:400, Clear

Packing:1pc/box, 20pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:8.3/12(kgs), Cuft:2.7'


# JM4010-S / JM4010-B
Size:8", Convex R:400, Clear

Packing:1pc/box, 20pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:9.5/14(kgs), Cuft:3.8'


# JM4011-S / JM4011-B
Size:8". Shatterproof Convex R:100, Clear

Packing:1pc/box, 20pcs/1ctn, N.W./G.W.:12.6/14.7(kgs), Cuft:5.3'