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Founded in 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer in multiple areas. We provide vertically integrated rearview mirror products and customized optical coating services. Our mirror products include the rearview mirror for heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and racing boats. In addition, we also provide indoor corner and outdoor road mirrors. Currently, we have four automatic coating production lines, providing various customized manufacturing processes, from optics design to production facilities. The services include anti-reflection and high reflection coating on pannels, water-repellent film, hydrophilic film, metal coating, ITO film, Revo coating, and filter glass.

8" Offset-mount ball-stud mirror

In Taiwan, our company is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality blind spot mirror for car. The team at Modern Auto Products Corporation is unrivaled. With our extensive experience, we have successfully attained a remarkable market position. Furthermore, our expertise, energy, and passion ensure that you achieve the best possible results for your clients. Throughout the supply chain, we want to build win-win relationships. Modern Auto Products Corporation is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality blind spot mirror. It is our pleasure to meet your best blind spot mirrors requirements. If you have any questions about the best blind spot mirrors, please do not hesitate to contact us.
8" Off-set Stainless Convex Round Mirror, JM4013


8 inch Offset-mount ball-stud mirror

Blind spot mirror fixes on cars, vans, cargo trucks and forklift trucks, allowing the driver to see into the larger areas of the traffic.
Features :

Offset-mount ball-stud mirror
Round wide view convex mirror used to minimize blind spots.
Free to rotate the mirror head

Specification :

Size: 8"
Convex mirror glass
Stainless steel
Adjustable Offset ball-stud mounting

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Modern Auto Products Corporation offers high-quality blind spot mirror for car, with a focus on flexible solutions, dependability, and customer understanding. Our company is a professional manufacturer of best blind spot mirrors, specializing in providing high-quality blind spot mirror. To reach a large number of people, our products must be of high quality and reasonably priced. We design with the needs of our customers in mind. If you want to know more relative information about best blind spot mirrors, please contact us immediately.