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Founded in 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer in multiple areas. We provide various styles of mirrors and rearview mirrors as well as customized optical coating services. Our mirror products include the rearview mirrors for heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and racing boats. In addition, we also provide indoor corner and outdoor road mirrors. Currently, we have four automatic coating production lines, providing various customized manufacturing processes, from optics design to production facilities. The services include anti-reflection and high reflection coating on pannels, water-repellent film, hydrophilic film, metal coating, ITO film, Revo coating, and filter glass.

Interior Rear View Mirror Supplier Taiwan

Since 1985, Modern Auto Products Corporation has been a leading provider of personalized interior rear view mirror, interior rearview mirrors, car mirror. Interior rear view mirror direct to the consumer. Our work is dedicated to the creation of progress with inspiring, innovative solutions and to a trusting partnership towards our customers and partners with common benefits.
To ensure that the requirements of this policy are met, Modern Auto Products Corporation will keep providing and be maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work, together with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees.
Our company is a reliable manufacturer of interior rear view mirror, interior rearview mirrors, car mirror in Taiwan. We offer our services using advanced technology and good quality raw materials in adherence with the set international quality standards.


Suction Cup Conversation Mirror

Interior conversation mirror fitting on the windscreen is able to extend the view of the car backseat allows the driver view the passengers and facilitate communication.
As a baby car mirror, it is used to keep an eye on the baby or child in the seat.


9-inch Clip-on Wide Angle Mirror

We provide the mirrors assembly and also manufacture Acrylic and PC mirror lenses locally. Therefore, we assemble the safety shatterproof mirror lens on the rear-view mirror as an alternative option to glass.


11-inch Clip-on Wide Angle Mirror

In addition to providing the standard mirror glass, with the support of our vacuum mirroring coating process, we also have the mirrors glass with other colors such as tint-blue.


10-inch Clip-on Wide Angle Mirror

The interior rear-view mirror is used for the driver to see the surrounding environment while reversing and change lanes. Replace with interior convex rear-view mirror to widen the rear and side field of car so to reduce the traffic accident.

J002, J005-1

Day and Night Anti-glare Interior Mirrors

Day and night anti-glare rear view mirrors change the lighting direction and reduce the light to the eyes directly to improve the road driving safety at night.


15-inch Super Panoramic Mirror

We are the manufacturer of mirrors made by vacuum coating, and also provide the finished mirror assembly. We focus on the details of production process with years of experience to provide high quality products.


10-inch Super Panoramic Mirror

We own the production lines to assemble the mirrors under the standard process of ISO 9001 to provide the satisfied quality products.
Panoramic Mirror-JM1012 assembles with wide angle view mirror increases the driver’s rear view field.


Bus Look Down Mirror

Interior rear-view mirror fixed above the windshield for the driver to see the rear of the bus and mounted over the passenger door for checking before heading onto the road.

Modern Auto Products Corporation has earned a reputation to support the interior rear view mirror, interior rearview mirrors, car mirror we sell with the best technical support and customer service in the automobiles industry.
Moreover, our interior rear view mirror, interior rearview mirrors, car mirror made of superb materials, ensuring outstanding impact resistance. Our team of quality controllers tests each product before delivering to the client in order to ensure its flawlessness. Please visit any of our great locations to see the latest products from manufacturers like interior rear view mirror, interior rearview mirrors, car mirror and many more!